February Update


Welcome to 2016 – the year we will launch Video Relay Service (VRS) across Canada.

We have two important updates to share with you.

First, in December, CAV’s Board of Directors was delighted to appoint Cynthia Benoit as its first Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Cynthia has been an active member of CAV’s Board in the role of the LSQ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Director since it was created in 2015. Cynthia currently lives in Winnipeg, but is originally from Montreal where she developed fluency in four languages – English, ASL, French and LSQ. Cynthia is thrilled to be taking on this leadership role and is looking forward to working with the Board of Directors and CAV’s Executive Director as they continue on the path to the VRS launch.

Second, in December, CAV issued a Request for Proposal for Video Interpreter Providers (VIP). VIPs will provide call centre and ASL and LSQ interpreting services. When the VIPs are selected, CAV will begin the hard work of integrating the VIP call centres with the video technology platform, creating operating procedures, and training video interpreters.

We have a busy, but exciting year ahead of us.

Thank you,

Sue Decker
Executive Director, CAV-ACS